Addition – Weeks 8, 9, and 10!

My goodness, friends! Things are shaping up around here. We have about two or three weeks left until we can really start living in our new space. We’ve been documenting our progress on Instagram stories and Facebook but here is a bit more in-depth look at where we find ourselves today!

The room that’s getting the most love at this point is our master bathroom. There are a few finish details that need to be completed (hanging this mirror, installing the rest of the crown molding, installing the shelves in the linen storage area) and it will be ready to go.

We are really loving the black, brass, and white combo in this room; it feels so clean (which is great because God only knows how often I’ll actually clean it).

Adam installed the wood floors in the library and the “hallway” between the kitchen and the master bedroom. He’s started on constructing the built-ins and he brought the cabinets in this weekend to see how things look.

As you can see from the random toys scattered about, the babies are really anxious to explore the “new house” (not pictured: Ivy using Adam’s router table as a play kitchen).

These cabinets will receive a proper sanding, a couple coats of primer and two coats of Simply White satin paint. Adam will wrap baseboard around the base of all the cabinets and there will be a crown of molding (see what I did) at the top to tie the built-ins into the rest of the space. We’re both relatively sure this corner of the house will be a favorite.

All the ceilings and walls are painted – now I’m on to baseboards, crown molding, and doors. My good friend, Kate, stopped in this weekend to help me with some of this task. Speaking of help – we’ve had a lot of it – both in labor and childcare. Trying to get a project like this done while living in the space means a lot of busy weekends, nights, and everything in between. Thank you to our friends and family who’ve lent a hand – we’re so, so grateful.

There are a few unglamorous steps left to complete like blowing insulation into the attic and under the floor. Adam will obviously be working on completing the built-ins. At some point, we’ve got to tackle the deck project – sealing the boards, and constructing the handrails and steps. We still don’t have siding up on the exterior but we’ll get there!

All the pretty details are starting to come together (particularly this chandelier from CB2 Adam installed in our master bedroom). We are so close. Our carpet gets installed next week! That means we’ll be watching movies in our new family room next weekend and this will all be worth it!

-Adam & Layne


Addition – Weeks 7 & 8

Holy Moses. Drywall is hard. Adam and our sweet friends/family have been tackling drywall on the weekends/evenings for the last two weeks; it’s messy and heavy and seemingly endless. Drywall screws are little eagle talons that wait to tear you from limb to limb.

It’s so lovely to see these lights in action. The lighting is bright and warm – a huge change from the rest of the house. We are looking forward to putting in some can lights in the current living room and maybe a few in the kids’ bedrooms.

Aside from a few little pieces (and I mean little pieces – like 2″ pieces), we’re done with drywall. The tape and texture professional (thank the LORD we’re not doing that part ourselves) should be here in about a half hour to get started.

I’m excited to paint. I know how to paint. I can help with paint. We went with Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore for the wall colors and Simply White for the ceiling color. I’m excited to experiment with more color later but, for now, we’re excited about keeping the new space light and bright.

So. Close. Sigh.



Addition – Week 6

This week has been incredibly satisfying – super difficult and tiring – but very satisfying. The redwood deck is in place and patiently waiting for sealant and handrails. We are trying to decide between a more traditional handrail design like this:


…or something more unique like this:

Source: Douglas Shepherd

I’m leaning towards the horizontal design. Our neighbors installed something similar and we really like it.

Adam (with the selfless Saturday help of our friend Chad and our brother Andrew) also installed the soffit above the deck. I forgot to photograph it but, soon, it will look a little bit like this (and here is a fun article discussing the history of the blue porch ceiling):

Source: Cote De Texas

The huge news this week is the completion of all the electrical – lights, outlets, bathroom fan, and smoke detectors. Adam worked whenever he could to run all the wires (our friend Sean also had a hand in stringing some wires). The fun part came when it was time to flip some switches…

Light! I suppose Adam would say that passing the inspection was the fun part…

The next big project was plumbing. The inspector is coming out today to take a look at Adam’s handiwork.

After we have our final framing inspection (likely on Friday), we can get to drywall, tape & texture…and then PAINT! Things are shaping up so quickly and we are getting very excited.

Thanks for checking in!