Project: New Bathroom – Days 3, 4, and 5

This week has been all about plumbing. Our home was built in 1939 and reworking a space that was never meant for a bathroom proves to be a challenge.

“Challenge accepted,” said our plumber.

This might not look like much but it represents one of Adam’s many strokes of genius. You see, we were having a difficult time figuring out where the sewer line was. Proposed solutions included excavating our entire backyard (essentially) and poking a lot of unnecessary holes in the foundation. The first solution would have put us over budget by $1,100. Then Adam proposed the solution: a metal detector…a $40 metal detector. We bought it up hard, took it home, went scanning for buried treasure and found the line within seconds. Without further adieu, the sewer line connection.

 A couple days later…


The guys also framed up the wall between the old bedroom and the new bathroom.

Looking into the bathroom…

Looking into the bedroom…


They’ve also roughed in the plumbing for both sinks.

We are about a third of the way there and looking forward to moving downstairs into the new master bedroom and we’re (Layne) is really looking forward to soaking for hours in the new claw foot tub!

Sunday Dinner

Here’s hoping that every Sunday night is as enjoyable as last Sunday night. We hosted a handful of our friends for a taco feed! We purchased our house because we loved it instantly but also because we knew it would be a warm and inviting place to entertain our friends and family.

We were so right and couldn’t be more grateful to have found such a sweet home.

We couldn’t help but feel a little giddy when our buddies started to arrive.


Our friends Aubrey and Kate and their little man, Jack.

butz dinner

Meet Tim and Jessie. They have a rare condition called ‘Permasmile.”

jessie tim

Dinner time produced plenty of great conversation and a lot of laughs.

There was even a tickle fight.

After dinner, we enjoyed a little jam session.

Adam showed off his ukelele skills.

Jack showed off his mandolin skills.

Things got what we like to call “cray.”

We’re looking forward to many more Sunday dinners with good friends!