Weekend Update

After a couple months worth of having something to do on the weekends, we had a weekend with quite a bit of free time…and it was awesome.

We kicked things off Friday night when Adam came home from his business trip. In a word: sushi. Is there any better way to start the weekend? The answer is no.

Saturday morning, we work up to snow. Spring – you tricky devil. Just when we think we’re going to shake the winter – boom:

Our spirits were not dampened, however. Onward and upward. In the Macklemore spirit, we started the morning off right: at a thrift store.

We found “Steve” at the local Goodwill. Adam’s brother, Steve, is going to be one lucky son-of-a-gun come Christmas time.

Adam found this tiny glass…

…and love/inspiration. Spoiler alert: Adam has been cast as Frederic in MTI’s upcoming production of “Pirates of Penzance.” The album in the photo? Rex Smith’s album. Rex Smith played Frederic in the 1983 movie version of Pirates. Adam asked Rex for some advice but mostly stared into those gooey, puppy dog eyes.

The trip to Goodwill wasn’t all fun and games. We came away with an Easter basket, some faux grass and a brass light fixture for our bathroom to light up the makeup vanity. Grand total for all three items: $4.00.

Then came the inevitable trip to Home Depot (it’s the weekend, of course we were going to end up at Home Depot). We found epoxy for the chips in our claw foot tub (reveal coming soon) and this can of glossy white spray paint in case we found any thrifted items that could be easily resurrected by some white paint:

Post Home Depot came a quick trip to Baja Fresh (muy delicioso) and a visit to Cost Plus World Market. If let off leash there, we could do a lot of financial damage. Instead, we limited ourselves to the confines of our $25 gift card. However, all we walked away with was this adorable butter dish for only $6.99:

Although, this guy almost made the cut:

Saturday night was a low key one with our pals, the Butzes.

Sunday was a perfect day: church, nap, Sunday dinner. Featured below is one of our favorite napping partners:

We were in charge of dessert for Sunday dinner. Layne, in keeping with the Mexican theme, whipped up these Mexican brownies.¬†¬†They were spicy but everyone seemed to enjoy them. Who’s everyone, you ask?

Our happy hosts, Tim and Jessie:

The adorable Butz three:

The cozy Chad and Crystal:

And us…taking this normal picture:


Killer weekend? We think so!

We hope yours was great as well!

Weekend Update: President’s Day Edition

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks. We’re waiting to post the before and afters of the brand new bathroom until we install all the remaining fixtures and accessories (mirrors, towel racks, shower surround). We can’t wait to finish it up! This month has also been consumed with Adam’s show. Adam’s been acting in stage productions for years and years. This go around, he played the role of Jimmy in the stage adaptation of Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Here’s how our weekend played out…

Adam’s dressing room mirror. We’re hoping to snag some of the official photos from the show but cameras and video were strictly prohibited. It was an awesome run – a very talented cast!

So many friends and family came out to the shows. Here’s Kate getting all loosened up!

Sunday found us at breakfast with the Dream Team and then off to Lowe’s for plumbing parts. We found this sign and it made us laugh, say “ooh ha ha,” and want to watch Finding Nemo all at the same time.

We also made a trip to Ross to find some home goods…

…this guy almost made the cut.

So did this guy.

Sunday also found Layne out with some good friends, Kelsie and Kylie, at the Carrie Underwood concert.

Grammy nominee, Hunter Hayes, opened up for Carrie. He is the love child of Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts and John Mayer – craziest thing.

Then Carrie took the stage. How she does it, no one knows – girl has big pipes that just don’t quit! She was amazing.

…and she floated in mid air. This, too, was amazing.

Monday would have been the laziest day of all if it weren’t for Adam trying his hand at an HVAC solution.

The heating vent in the bathroom wasn’t working…so he made it work.

Layne studied for her biology exam with the support of her faithful, furry friends.

Mostly faithful – June was hittin’ the bottle pretty hard.


That sums it up for us. We hope you had a brilliant long weekend (thanks, the Presidents)!


Project: New Bathroom – Day 9

Day nine has our bathroom looking like a bathroom! There are sinks! There are lights! There is a beautiful tile floor with complimentary tile backsplash!

Tomorrow everything else happens – toilet, tub, trim…you name it. All that follows is picking out and purchasing the accessories (shower curtain, towels, art work, etc.).

P.S. Bennett took full advantage of the industrial fan the contractor set up to dry the paint. She’s a bit of a diva.