Weekend Update

The weekend was so good that we weren’t able to summon the energy to post this update until TUESDAY! What? Yeah.

Friday night turned into one of the best date nights we’ve had. We dined at Fork…

…desserted at Berryhill. No photos from Berryhill because we were far too enamored with our chocolate tort. Wow.
Saturday was an adventure/marathon. We spoiled our wee fur kids with a trip to Home Depot and a trip to PetCo.

June got a little greedy toward the end.

Then things got crazy. Layne joined a troop of paintball rookies for the infamous Erin’s birthday. It was frightening and exciting all at the same time. Here’s a group shot of the sharp shooters.

The party continued into the night with drinks, dancing, more dancing and this burrito baby.

It was a huge burrito.

Sunday was pretty close to a perfect day. We slept in! We made breakfast! We took the puppies on their very first hike up to Table Rock.

We snuck in a few photos with them.

Post-hike, we geared up for a relaxing Sunday dinner. Highlights included some pretty incredible homemade lasagna ala Crystal, some fun conversation, and an adorable chihuahua.

A good time? It was had by all.

Project: New Bathroom – Done!

We put the finishing touches on our bathroom on Sunday. Adam refinished the tub on Saturday and we installed the rest of the hardware and the shower surround on Sunday. “Can we puuuuhhh-lease go buy shower curtains,” Layne asked. “Uh, yeah” Adam said. We spend approximately two and a half Target units (1 Target unit = $50) and came away with: two shower curtains, two shower liners, two hanging organization pockets for inside the shower, two packages of shower curtain rings and a mirror for the make up vanity. It. Was. Fun.

Here’s the finished product.

From this:

To this:

To this:

To this:

To this:

To this:

To this:


We are so pleased and so looking forward to the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night bubble baths.

We also feels like grown ups. In a big way.

Weekend Update

Productive is an understatement when trying to describe last weekend; really productive is better. Highlights? Ok!

We’ve been trying to get the pups out more often – they made their maiden voyage to Starbucks on Saturday morning.

Then we went treasure hunting. Ok. We went thrifting. Adam found this hat.

Jack found a penguin…

…and a sweet new ride.

Layne found all these frames and turned them into these frames:

She put souvenirs from the trip to London inside.

Adam resurfaced the tub – the last project to complete before we were able to put the whole bathroom together. More on that later (We said “more on” – heh heh).

Sunday was music at church, finishing the bathroom and Qwirkle. Yeah. Qwirkle.

Layne won the first round.

Katy won the second.

Dan put up a good fight.

So did Adam.

June was the only loser. She was captured and snuggled…

…and snuggled some more.

Upon her release she gave us this look. “Really?” Yeah, June, really. We snuggle in this house.

We hope you had a wonderful weekend. We also hope you snuggled someone or something.