Our New Addition

Nope. Not pregnant.

We live in a sweet, little neighborhood in Boise. We have great neighbors. We also have two kiddos and a relatively small house. We tossed around the idea of selling and moving to a bigger home but the square footage we wanted in the area we wanted was way outside our price range. So – why not stay put and build, baby, build!

For a couple months, we’ve posted pictures on social media of the pretty unglamorous updates we’ve made to our home (it should be expressly stated now that I, Layne, haven’t lifted so much as a screwdriver to make any of this happen – I’ve been watching over the children ((an equally arduous task…but still)). Adam has been working like a d-o-double-g to prepare for our new addition. He’s done things like reroute our meter box (a huge undertaking), unearth what seemed like our entire backyard to replace our sewer line and bury our power line (with the help of our trusty friend, Travis), install a new breaker box in the garage, cut down the old cable lines, and other things that I am still not sure I understand. All these things had to be done before the fun stuff starts.


I present to you: The Fun Stuff.


Everything with a blue background represents our current footprint. The rooms with the white background represent what is in the works.

Here is the breakdown:


In short: we wanted a big, carpeted room for the kids to play in. That turned into thinking about how nice it might be to build a master bedroom up on the main floor so we would all be on the same level. The bonus? We’d end up with a really nice guest suite in the basement¬†(our current master suite) and a little extra space for some of our hobbies.

We started dreaming this project up in the late summer and are just now getting to the point where we’re about to break ground on the foundation. ¬†We’re contracting with Foothills Construction (the team that helped us with this) to do things like pour the foundation, frame the walls, install the roof, and a few other tasks. Adam and I (mostly Adam) will be responsible for the demo and finish work including the electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, tiling, and trimming out the doors, windows. Adam is also building a deck off the back.

It will be a busy winter/early spring (maybe) but we think staying here and enjoying this home will be worth it.

I’ll be posting some mood boards in the next couple weeks to help bring some life to the ideas we have for the new spaces including killer built-ins, lighting, and pretty bathroom fixtures.

Hip, hip, hooray!