Custom Baby Goods from Ruby Jane Baby

My friend, Monica, started rapid-fire texting me a couple months ago. She kept sending me pictures of nursery decor – blankets, crib sets, wall art, etc. “What about this? Is this something you would put in your nursery?” Then, she divulged that she was thinking of re-booting her custom baby boutique business that she began in 2001. I believe my response was, “Doooooo itttttttttttt!”

She is one of the most talented seamstresses on the planet – this lady can whip out beautiful crib sets (bumpers, skirts, crib sheets, quilts) overnight. More than that, she has the ability to problem solve – she can convert a creative idea into an adorable reality. Basically, if you’ve got a [nursery decor] problem, yo – she’ll solve it.

Enter this happy mama’s rave review of Ruby Jane Baby’s offerings.

I’m a sucker for personalized anything (as is anyone who grew up never being able to find so much as a personalized pencil because their name was “unique”). I will purchase anything that has my kids initials on it – anything. Monica furnished this blush monogram for Ivy’s room to fill a lonely space on her wall above her pillows. I popped it up on the wall and I fell in love with her room all over again; it’s all in the details. Aside from the aesthetic gain, I truly believe having her initials on the wall will help us teach Ivy that her name really is Ivy Mae – not Mae Mae (which we’ve called her since about a week after her birth).

Not wanting Baby Leo to be left out, Monica ordered his initials in navy.

Leo’s room is slightly less developed than Ivy’s (we’ve been working on her’s longer so I suppose it makes sense) so we’ve been looking for pieces to make it feel more complete. His mid-century-ish, atomic starburst accent wall is a nod to the subtle outer space theme we’re headed toward. Monica asked lots of questions about what we were thinking and, something like three or four days later, she located two fabrics that were 100% perfect for Leo’s room.

This rocket ship blueprint fabric she turned into a throw pillow makes me smile. Hard. It’s totally on point but not oh-so-obvious. It is just right.

Also just right is the crib sheet she made. If you look closely, you’ll find Leo’s constellation. Again – details.

I’m excited for Monica because she’s on a roll. She sends me a text about an idea and, the next morning, she sends me a text of the finished product. When you’re trying to create a fun, creative, personality-filled space for your babies, having a resource like Ruby Jane Baby is muy, muy bueno because she can make those pin boards happen. If you can dream it up for your bay-bay, chances are – she can make it.


*This post was a happy collaboration with Ruby Jane Baby. You can check her out here & here.




The Rundown

Friends, we are three days away from digging up our backyard to pour our new foundation for the addition. We were supposed to begin the week after Thanksgiving and then things got weird weather wise. We. Are. Pumped. We are so ready to get started with the big stuff.

We’re also pumped about the following…

Adam: Always with the photo stuff. But this one is a gem and I thank my lucky stars that I have it every time I use it. Super fast and a little wide angle, this lens is just a thing of beauty. It doesn’t come off of one of my X-T1’s unless I’m doing a portrait session, and even then, it’s a great little lens that is light as a feather even though it performs better than some 3lb lenses I’ve owned in the past. Nearly all the pictures I post of these babies and my wife come through this piece of glass. It’s pricey but has been worth every penny.

Source: B & H Photo

Layne: The Preemptive Love Coalition is an organization committed to easing the burden on those in the middle of crisis. I was introduced to their organization because of their work in Syria. They released these shirts. I really want one. My birthday is coming up. That is all.

Source: Preemptive Love Coalition

Also, I’ve had the song Big Yellow Taxi running through my mind all week. While browsing YouTube, the rendition I loved the most was Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock performance. Her mannerisms are so endearing. The video below is of both her Big Yellow Taxi performance and Both Sides Now. Enjoy.

Also, the little hammer in the photo at the top of the post was a Christmas present from my sister-in-law. It’s adorable, right? It’s gotten a lot of use in the last couple weeks.

Ivy: The iPad. We got this case and it’s been a lifesaver because Ives drags this thing around like a caveman. Anyway – her grasp on technology shouldn’t surprise me as Adam and I use our technology a lot. Still, her ability to navigate her way from app to app (except when the iPad is in “Guided Access Mode” – praise) blows me away.

These two have started taking baths together and this sight is enough to make our hearts explode over and over again.

Leo: Leo’s racked up nine months on this Earth as of this week. Adam and I have observed that he is so agile. He has laser-like precision when shoving food in his mouth and when trying to swipe things out of our hands. This baby!

We look forward to inundating you all (hi, mom!) with photos of brand spankin’ new cement in the coming weeks. For now, go and have yourselves a great weekend!

-Adam & Layne