Dressing Mama with Shoreside Boutique

My friend, Arielle, announced a few months ago that she was opening an online clothing boutique; she dreamed it and decided to go for it. I was completely inspired. When she opened up shop a couple weeks ago, I was inspired to purchase the t-shirt dress immediately. I was so quick on the click that I was her first order on opening day.

I ordered the t-shirt dress because I love that silhouette – sort of a pencil dress kind of shape. Let’s be honest for a minute, online shopping (especially after two babies) is a little risky sometimes. When I was getting ready to place my order, I took a minute to read the section on the product page called “Arielle’s Thoughts” wherein she advised buyers to size up if they’re uncomfortable with clingy fabric around the midsection. I sized up and was really happy with that decision.

Some of you might have seen this picture on social media from my Valentine’s Day date with Adam:

We had an early day date so dressing up this simple dress was easy enough without going overboard.

After I told Arielle how much I loved this dress, she invited me to team up. So. She sent me another piece I had my eye on and here we are. I’m gushing about two pieces from Shoreside.

Enter the Black and White Stripe Pattern Pencil Skirt. The pencil skirt – my favorite wardrobe item. Ever.

This one didn’t disappoint because the fabric is structured enough to hold a girl together and the pattern is heart-eyes.

The skirt is true to size – I ordered a large. It was fun to style it with these Mia wedges (old) and this turtleneck but I’m excited for summer – I have a black, scalloped tank and some strappy sandals that will work really well with this (the t-shirt dress should also transition nicely to warmer weather – the fabric is breathable without being flimsy).

Now is probably the time to tell you that I asked Adam (while he was so patiently taking these photos, waiting for his awkward wife to stand up straight) how people get their pictures taken for a living. I mean…I guess when you have as much on-camera charisma as I do…

…yeah. Nope. Still don’t know how people do it. That should tell you how much fun I had wearing these clothes – I was confident enough to stand for pictures in them. Thank you, Shoreside Boutique.

Also – I had assistance with hair and makeup.

Thanks, Leo.

And thank you for reading! For making it this far, here is a happy little discount code just for Adam and Layne readers! Visit shoreside.us and, at checkout, enter adamandlayne10 for a 10% discount off your purchase!



*This post is a happy collaboration with Shoreside Boutique.


The Rundown

Saturday was Layne’s birthday. Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. Our addition project is finally rolling. Our toddler didn’t pile drive our baby into the wood floor as often. This Week, you were alright!

Adam: If you know anything about Layne and me, you know that we love Boise. We love downtown Boise and all the great activities and food you can find down there. For Valentine’s Day, my parents gave us a break from the little ones and we took full advantage – hitting up Red Feather for a super-early dinner, then walking down to Happy Fish for a couple bits of sushi, then back down to Fork for the finest butter cake in the city. Three hours of time, three different restaurants, but back in time for bedtime. That’s our city. That’s what I’m wild about this last week.

Layne: I went to Antique World on Saturday. I walked around for an hour and a half and enjoyed almost every minute. Here are some of the things I found.

There is an annex at Antique World – a tiny room labeled “Hot Poppy Vintage Wares” was my absolute favorite; their displays were gorgeous.

I’m still dreaming about that Fire King egg plate.

This pile of vintage wool warmed my heart (see what I did there?).

This Teddy Ruxpin would have come home with me if his mouth would have worked.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I abhor taxidermy – it scares the begeezus out of me. I was just white-girlin’ it up, walking around my neighborhood antique mall when, all of a sudden – right at eye level, out popped this stupid, hundred-year-old, tiny gator all crinkly and stuffed, ready to snap at my face. I shuddered and slid to the right a few feet and shook my head in disgust. That was the only downside to my trip.

Ivy: Sweet Ivy. The pendulum swings fast and high with this almost-two-year-old. The big development this week has been the introduction of the potty. She totally gets the potty. We sit her down on her Minnie Mouse potty seat and she does it! Almost every time we’ve sat her down, she goes potty; we are both so stinkin’ proud of her (tight throat, tiny tears proud). We are also experiencing the special kind of torture that is this emerging independence of hers. Nearly every change in activity is a struggle – especially in public. We are trying to figure out the best way to guide her through this crazy time. Prayers appreciated. And maybe treats. For us. Not her.

Leo: We are starting to incorporate stories into his bedtime routine. He is a wiggly kid so the written word isn’t doing much to hold his attention but there is one/sort of two that are starting to catch his eye. I bought this book from my friend Lisa a couple months ago and I think he likes the big, bright pictures. This book was one of Ivy’s favorites and it seems like Leo is starting to enjoy it as well.

Thanks for reading – it was really nice of you to visit.

-Adam & Layne


Addition – Week One

There was digging. There were wooden things. There was cement! Week one of the construction part of our addition had us all glued to the windows watching the progress.

I took this photo on Tuesday. The black pipes sticking out of the ground are there for plumbing purposes – Adam finished up that project before all the snow started.

The digging commenced and the guys started laying out the forms for the cement footings.

The weather cooperated more than it has in the last two and a half months so they were able to pour the concrete footings as well as the stem walls. They tarped the site at night and we ran heaters all night to help the cement to cure.

Adam began some of the demo on the back of the house on Tuesday.

Don’t feel like cleaning out your gutters? Just rip them off!

The only surprise we’ve encountered so far were these wasps nests that were right above our backdoor…no thanks, wasps!

…they’re the most beautiful stem walls we’ve ever seen!

Here’s a compilation of videos we took this week. Enjoy!