Addition – Week 6

This week has been incredibly satisfying – super difficult and tiring – but very satisfying. The redwood deck is in place and patiently waiting for sealant and handrails. We are trying to decide between a more traditional handrail design like this:


…or something more unique like this:

Source: Douglas Shepherd

I’m leaning towards the horizontal design. Our neighbors installed something similar and we really like it.

Adam (with the selfless Saturday help of our friend Chad and our brother Andrew) also installed the soffit above the deck. I forgot to photograph it but, soon, it will look a little bit like this (and here is a fun article discussing the history of the blue porch ceiling):

Source: Cote De Texas

The huge news this week is the completion of all the electrical – lights, outlets, bathroom fan, and smoke detectors. Adam worked whenever he could to run all the wires (our friend Sean also had a hand in stringing some wires). The fun part came when it was time to flip some switches…

Light! I suppose Adam would say that passing the inspection was the fun part…

The next big project was plumbing. The inspector is coming out today to take a look at Adam’s handiwork.

After we have our final framing inspection (likely on Friday), we can get to drywall, tape & texture…and then PAINT! Things are shaping up so quickly and we are getting very excited.

Thanks for checking in!


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