Addition – Weeks 7 & 8

Holy Moses. Drywall is hard. Adam and our sweet friends/family have been tackling drywall on the weekends/evenings for the last two weeks; it’s messy and heavy and seemingly endless. Drywall screws are little eagle talons that wait to tear you from limb to limb.

It’s so lovely to see these lights in action. The lighting is bright and warm – a huge change from the rest of the house. We are looking forward to putting in some can lights in the current living room and maybe a few in the kids’ bedrooms.

Aside from a few little pieces (and I mean little pieces – like 2″ pieces), we’re done with drywall. The tape and texture professional (thank the LORD we’re not doing that part ourselves) should be here in about a half hour to get started.

I’m excited to paint. I know how to paint. I can help with paint. We went with Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore for the wall colors and Simply White for the ceiling color. I’m excited to experiment with more color later but, for now, we’re excited about keeping the new space light and bright.

So. Close. Sigh.



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