Project: New Bathroom – Where We’re At

With everything going on, we’ve not had a chance to put the finishing touches on our beautiful new bathroom. However, here’s where we’re at as far as progress.

The final piece of renovation is completing the re-finish of our antique tub. Adam is beginning the prep work and intends to finish this project this weekend. Here’s what the tub looks like right now.

As you may or may not be able to see, Adam had this baby sandblasted down to the original porcelain. We found some spots of rust that we’ll treat before we lay down primer and paint.

We bought and installed our new mirrors (after spray painting the shiny nickel finish to match all our brass fixtures).

We’re on the hunt for a sweet makeup vanity for Layne but as a place holder, we’ve put this sweet dresser and mirror combo in that corner of the bathroom. Everything is messy due to being mid-project but this will give you an idea of what we’re working with.

Note the shower surround leaning on the floor. We are so excited to install it and get our shower curtains hung up. That shower surround is the reason we opted for shiny brass fixtures. We know. They’re outdated. But so is our antique tub and we really liked the warm color of the brass. So. We’re trying it out. If we end up hating it later on, we’ll paint/replace just as easily as we did this time.

Messy! But we are so, so, so close!


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