Addition – Week One

There was digging. There were wooden things. There was cement! Week one of the construction part of our addition had us all glued to the windows watching the progress.

I took this photo on Tuesday. The black pipes sticking out of the ground are there for plumbing purposes – Adam finished up that project before all the snow started.

The digging commenced and the guys started laying out the forms for the cement footings.

The weather cooperated more than it has in the last two and a half months so they were able to pour the concrete footings as well as the stem walls. They tarped the site at night and we ran heaters all night to help the cement to cure.

Adam began some of the demo on the back of the house on Tuesday.

Don’t feel like cleaning out your gutters? Just rip them off!

The only surprise we’ve encountered so far were these wasps nests that were right above our backdoor…no thanks, wasps!

…they’re the most beautiful stem walls we’ve ever seen!

Here’s a compilation of videos we took this week. Enjoy!


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