Addition – Week Two

The back of our house looks like it got in a fight with a bear that hated aluminum siding.

This week involved waiting for concrete to cure, covering that concrete with huge tarps to protect it from all the freaking rain, tearing off stem wall forms, and some demo (in the rain).

Adam and I got to work on Saturday ripping the aluminum siding off the backside of the house and then tackling the bottom few courses of the old wood siding underneath. It rained the entire time. Blech.

We filled the truck up for a trip to the dump. Again. Blech. Demolition isn’t Chip Gaines jumpin’ through walls, throwing hammers, laughing it up, happy fun time. It’s more like, “I think I got a sliver in my eye and why are my gloves so wet?”

The best part of this week’s progress was watching the contractor and his team start to put the yard back together again. Tomorrow should be exciting as the subfloor should be almost complete if not completely done.

Here’s a fun look at some of the hard work that’s gone into this week:



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