Story Time: Sea This and Sea That

We have this friend named Jeremy who is continually crushing the graphic design game. He works for the same company Adam works for and makes them look good (literally).

My favorite thing about Jeremy (aside from his fun wife and their beautiful baby girl), though, is his side gig: children’s books. A couple years ago, Jeremy wrote and illustrated one of Ivy’s bedtime story staples, Bearded. She will ask for this book, for serious, at least once (if not twice) during story time every night. The illustrations are seriously beautiful but still playful and the story line is adorable AND clever. Ivy can finish every sentence in this book (including the one with the words ‘hesitation’ and ‘trepidation’).

You can imagine we were pretty pumped when Jeremy published his latest book, Sea This and Sea That. Ivy’s a proficient iPad user and having STST in a digital format went over really well with her. She can navigate to the Kindle app and start swiping through the pages.

As usual, Jeremy’s illustrations are gorgeous. The main character of STST is Missus Bluffington and you love her instantly. The concept of the story is brilliant and silly and really fun to read out loud to the kids.

Jeremy’s running a promotion starting today (May 26th) through June 2nd wherein you can download Sea This and Sea That for .99! If you’re taking off on a trip this Memorial Day weekend and want to score your kids a sweet new book for the road, download away!

Enjoy (we certainly have)!

-Adam & Layne (and Ivy & Leo)





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Ivy is TWO!

We threw a birthday party for our girl on Saturday. She is a lucky kid because she has some amazing family and friends – they made her day pretty special. The photo above is blurry because she was twirling in her “dancing dress,” while wearing her “dancing shoes.”

We had a subtle hot air balloon theme because, since we took Ivy to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, she loves them. “Bloons!” We also threw the party at ten in the morning because donuts and mimosas (for the parents).

This little lady was excited for her guests to arrive.

When her guests did arrive,  she was quick to show them how her dress worked.

This darling was sweet enough to share her first birthday with our birthday girl.

So many sweet friends.

So many fun gifts.

New boots from Grandma and Papa Harmon to (eventually) replace her froggy boots.

Her new boots were immediately replaced by her new chucks.

She was very, very excited about her new bubble gun from Aunt Kacy and Uncle Andrew.

The one photo of the handsome devil behind the camera and his little boy.

Sweet Ozzy “booping” his buddy, Leo.

Enter crazy mom eyes in three…two…

Yes, she spit all over the cake.

What a day. What a girl.

-Adam & Layne

The Making of a Striped Nursery

When we found out we were having a girl, I headed to Pinterest for room inspiration. I knew I wanted stripes on the wall – just wasn’t sure what they would look like.

I liked this:

(Source: Bean in Love)

I also really liked this:

(Source: Apartment Therapy)

So gold became the obvious choice because all my pins were gold and stripey. Our friends Daniel and Katy gave us the gift of painting the nursery for our baby shower (Daniel is a professional). Here’s how they did it!

First, Daniel measured the wall, divided the inches by eight (eight stripes) and marked everything off by tracing faint lines on the wall with a pencil. Then, he and Katy went to town painting these chunky gold stripes (Ralph Lauren Metallic in Burnished Gold).

The next few steps were just genius to me. I wanted thin gold lines (a little reminiscent of notebook paper) so Daniel and Katy applied strips of masking tape (the regular masking tape – not the blue stuff – Daniel insists the regular stuff is much better) on top of the dry gold stripes.

Then, they painted the white color (Sherwin Williams in West Highland White) right over the tape.

Next came the hard part: being patient enough to let the paint dry before we were able to pull the masking tape off (one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done!). I think we eventually had to leave the house just to fight off the impulse to go for it.

Sigh. Still one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Two years later, we still love it.