Weekend Update

We had a full and fun weekend. However, late Sunday night, Adam’s grandmother passed away. Her name was Leola and she was 96 years old. She lived a life of service, one full of travel and good experiences. She will truly be missed. We will be celebrating her life this coming Saturday.

Here are a few highlights from all the celebrations that took place on Friday, Saturday and, of course, Super Bowl Sunday.

A group of friends and family gathered on Friday night to celebrate Adam’s birthday.

Adam got a bow tie from Kacy and Andrew. It came in handy the following evening at the Great Gatsby party.

The Great Gatsby party was held to honor friends of friends that became our friends by the end of the night.


Fancy ladies.


Dashing gents.


And a little romance.

Then came a much more casual affair…the Super Bowl party!

The most important thing you need to know about our super bowl party experience was that rules were declared before kickoff. For example, whenever a beer commercial aired, we had to yell ‘Beer!’ and take a drink of our beers. Layne declared an off-the-cuff rule regarding the rarely occurring safety:

That’s right. She declared that, if a safety occurred, the loser of a rock paper scissors tournament had to streak in the street. Like that will happen, right?

Right! In the last four seconds of the game! Brother Andrew lost the tournament and while Kacy captured the whole thing on her iPhone, we thought it would be inappropriate to post on the internet.

For now.

2012: Year in Review

2012 handed us many moments to treasure. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

In January, we took a trip to London with our friends, James and Ryan.

James, Ryan, Liz and us outside the Inn at the Cotswolds.


Inside our hotel in London.

In March, Layne and Katy took a trip to Los Angeles to audition for The Voice.


Here’s a view from the back of the line (a few thousand people turned up the morning we were there).


We took time to see some of the Hollywood sights and ran into a couple of pretty famous celebrities.



In April, Adam came home for good from his one year assignment in Afghanistan.

We travelled to the Oregon Coast on Memorial Day weekend with our friends, Heather and Travis.



June was a big month! Adam participated in the Sawtooth Relay.

Adam’s brother Andrew married Kacy – cementing the Dream Team by matrimony.

andrew kacy wedding

In July, we made the hike all the way to the top of Mount Borah, Idaho’s highest peak. We made the trip with eleven of our friends.


Here’s the whole group at the summit.


In August, we celebrated our one year anniversary.


Photo Credit: Watkins Photography

We held a reception the weekend before our anniversary to incorporate a lot of people who weren’t able to come to the wedding.

It was a blast. We hope to hold a celebration like this every year.



To celebrate Andrew’s birthday, we went white water rafting.


In September, we welcomed the newest members of our little family, Bennett and June.


We participated in the Color Run in October.


Photo Credit: Alex Couey 

For Halloween, the Dream Team dressed up as characters from Beauty and the Beast.


In November, we closed on our new, old home.


We celebrated Christmas in our new home with our families.


We rang in the New Year with some great family and friends.


It was a beautiful, beautiful year.