Mood Board – Master Bathroom

New year – new mood board.

2017 means a lot of different things to different people. For us, a large portion of the new year will be completing our addition project and living life in our new space. We are excited about what having a little extra space means for us but we’re also excited about opening up our space for our friends and family – hosting holidays, sleep overs, play dates, football parties (basically just chili eating parties), etc.

We’re still dreaming up what most of the new space looks like but we have a pretty solid idea about the vibe we want for the new master bathroom. Here’s a reminder of the layout:

The nook to the right of the shower/tub will be floor to ceiling open shelving. The vanity will go along the same wall as the toilet.

Now, let’s set the mood. Ow. Ow.

  1. We’re goin’ brass, baby. Our current master bath has all brass hardware so we thought it would be a nice way to tie the two together. This faucet seems like a nice fit. (Source: LightInTheBox)
  2. This light fixture is drrrrreeeaaaammmmmmmyyyyyy. (Source: Kichler Jasper)
  3. Oh subway tile – how we love your lines and your ability to make even the dirtiest bathroom look a little clean. We’ve got subway tile in the current master bath and there is subway tile in the kitchen. We will likely tile the entire wall behind the vanity as well as the tub and shower surround.
  4. This brass shower head/squirty-doo combo is exactly what I want for our shower. (Source: LightInTheBox)
  5. These drawer pulls give a nod to the art deco details we have on our original kitchen hardware as well as all the door plates in the house. Plus, you know, brass. (Source: Jeffrey Alexander)
  6. This IKEA vanity is super simple and comes with the countertop. At $599, this piece definitely helps us stay well within our bathroom budget. The creamy gray color should also do well to warm things up a bit. (Source: IKEA)

I’m trying to keep the end result in mind because, as of this post, we’re still waiting for a few consecutive days of not-so-freezing temperatures so our contractor can pour the new foundation and get rolling. Dreaming about picking out a saucy shower curtain and organizing my two vanity drawers is keeping me engaged and excited about the project.

Next up? Master bedroom moodiness.


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